Bicentennial Oval Flood Light Installation

Many of the Castle Vale residents might have been informed of the Council’s proposal to install floodlights on Bicentennial Oval. Subsequently, the Council plans to use the Oval up till 9 o’clock EVERY weekday (as an addition to its current use every weekend till 5 o’clock in winter and 8 o’clock in summer), affecting the local residents on several levels. Such an arrangement will cause intensive noise in the area, pose traffic challenges, create safety issues and result in deterioration of the Oval itself, as well as the area around it.

A number of units within Castle Vale are directly affected by the noise from the Oval. The valley surrounding the Oval forms a natural amphitheatre and the noise spreads and intensifies as it reaches some of the units (mostly the ones in the high-rise blocks).

Some of the Castle Vale residents (along with the residents from the streets adjacent to the Oval) have initiated a petition against the Council’s proposal, hoping the Council adjusts its plans regarding the floodlights. If you would like to support the petition, please leave your details on the contact form and we will contact you. We only have a few days to submit the petition, so please, do not hesitate. Thank you.