Channel Nine Update 8.8.14

Greetings to all on our contact list,

Things have been moving quite slowly with the Channel 9 appeal to the L&E Court. Channel 9 have now submitted their Statement of Facts and Contentions and these have been addressed by the PAC. Basically, Channel 9 contends that their 450 apartment/12 storey high concept plan does not constitute an over-development of the site. The PAC have addressed all the issues listed in the Channel 9 document and have not deviated from its view that, in fact, Channel 9’s plans do constitute over-development.

At a court session to give further directions on the 29th July, the L&E Court appears to have allowed Council to join with the Minister to defend the PAC decision and has allowed Council until the 6th August to make its Facts and Contentions submission. Following this the matter will come up for further directions on the 12th August. Whether at this time the court will set a date for the hearing is not known but we’ll keep you all informed.

While the community is not able to join the action as a joint defendant there is likely to be the opportunity for us to be called as a witness. As the matter progresses we will be notified as to how the community can be represented and the WAAG committee will look at the most effective way to present our views.

To view the documents lodged with the L&E Court, go to: and scroll down to the heading Land & Environment Court Appeal. All the relevant material is under this heading.

I’ll be happy to try and answer any questions arising from this email.

Kind regards,