Rubbish Disposal

Disposal of Rubbish
All general waste must be disposed of by using the Garbage Room or Chute in the hi-rise apartments. If the general waste is too large to fit in the hi-rise Garbage Chute then it is to be deposited in the bins in rubbish rooms located in each building Car Park on the Ground Level.

All cardboard boxes/cartons are to be deposited in the Recycling Bins located in the Car Park on the Ground Level.

All glass bottles and recyclable plastics are to be placed into the yellow lidded Recycling Wheelie Bins provided.

The abandonment of furniture and large household goods is not permitted and is actively checked for by the Building Manager.

Willoughby Council frequently conducts clean up dates where residents may put out old furniture and household goods on the Artarmon Road nature strip outside the complex. The Building Manager will notify residents the week before these clean up dates occur. For more information on frequency and disposable items please go to Willoughby Council Clean Up.