Update from the PAC – Channel 9 Meeting

Owner’s Hilary Wright and Sue Kindersley represented the Castle Vale complex at the PAC┬ámeeting to discuss the Channel 9 site redevelopment on Wednesday (19/2/14). This is Hilary’s report:

Hi Everyone,

Sue Kindersley, my Fiancee and I attended yesterday’s PAC meeting. In total there had to be 100+ people. There were 42 registered speakers, including councilors from WCC, all Progress associations and residents from areas surrounding the Channel 9 development site.

I have to say it was most inspiring, as we all sang from the same song sheet in the most informed and articulate fashion. Each speaker spoke of their personal experience of living in this area and expressed their personal stories.

We were complimented at the end of the session by the Madam Chair, as the most together community she had ever encountered and complimented us all on how well informed we were and how well we expressed ourselves.

We represented, as commented on by WCC Councillors, as the finest example of how Community Consultation should be run.

We now await the PAC decision which could be soon, with in the month.

Cheers Hilary